Mini update | & a Black Friday SALE!

First off! HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my fellow Americans! I’m running a Black Friday sale until midnight tomorrow on all my existing babies (sure to arrive in time for Xmas). Just 3 babies left, ahem, make that 2 babies left! YAY! My OOAK Jordi girl & OOAK boy Coco-Malu. Both Elisa Marx sculpts. And I can totally swap their genders if you want! Check ’em out Here! πŸ˜€

Now onto everything else.

Yes, I’m still chipping away at my list of custom order babies! I am so close. Just two more to go! 2! Most are either now in transit, or already home! Amazing! This was a big list. So I am so so happy to be so close now. & yes, I’m still taking custom orders! Depending on the sculpt & customizations, no guarantee they’ll be ready before Xmas now, but I’m still trying! πŸ˜‰ & a lot of these babies were full root, and well, just when I finally felt in control of my rooting (& not the other way around) nature through a wrench into my. . . SHOULDER.

I was in physio for most of July, because my spine didn’t appreciate the switch to rooting (& possibly painting again, with a literal brush).Β  I thought it was torticollis, cuz I get that. I get a lot of awesomely fun back issues thanks to my Scoliosis ‘S’ curve.Β Esp post two pregnancies that did a number on my flexibility & back strength. :p I kinda look like this. But mine twists around like one of these slides!

I know, you desperately wanted some visuals, amirite? LOL!

Needless to say, after a jaunt to the ER, I was hooked up with some codeine (have I mentioned how much I hate codeine? That stuff kicks my ass!) & some muscle relaxants. & physio. I was briefly worried that I might have to stop offering full root babies. BUT, I got my system down. I took breaks. No more trying to root a full head in 2 days (ambitious goals are, evidently, no friend to my spinal column). I invested in better lighting, found a better chair, and a better pillow to root on. And I iced at the first hint of a trouble.Β  Until I stopped. . .

All it took was trying to do too much, at once. On the heels of rooting nearly every day for the last 4 weeks (that’s four full roots – yo!) In a slightly different position. & whammo! Lock up city! That was Monday. Like I said, I hate codeine. So I took it as minimally as possible (& suffered through the woozies.) & finished up the head I’ve been rooting – my custom Gemma, as fast as I could safely manage.

I finished her last night. And now I have just one head left. But I have about 2 weeks to do her, so I’m going to allot myself a few days more of healing before I start again. It’s for a custom Lola I’m working on.

And in the interim, I have a few heads of painted hair to paint, & a new OOAK baby I hope to unveil soon. Thanks to the 2nd ever OOAK match-up! It came down to these two! Can you guess who won?

Oh & the coolest thing ever! I met a fellow reborner really close by. There is a long story behind that, so I’m leaving it for another entry. But she has a baby too she’s hoping to sell. One I helped paint & root. (it was my first combi-for-hire!) He’s on kijiji & Youtube! Check him out! Isn’t he so so cute?

Also, I’m really, really close to 300 fans on my fan page! Which means another $100 giveaway. Last time someone nearly got a free baby out of it! And at 500 & 1000 I’ll be giving away a free baby! Share to increase your chances!!!

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1 Response to Mini update | & a Black Friday SALE!

  1. Marnee Bene says:

    omg my 30 year old daughter has the same thing with her back. They wouldn’t do anything when she was young had to quit growing . Finally an appointment at childrens at 17 scheduled for surgery bam finds out she pregnant, no surgery for her never the less after 2 more babies at 18 n 19 she’s done having kids but now they won’t do surgery cause her curves are too severe it woukd play havic on the back muscles. So she also lives with this every day. The peditritions new about this a a very young age but did nothing for us and it got way worse as she grew for she also was and is missing her sturn bone , has great cleavage lol. But there is mow noyhing she can do . She has been on a waiting list to see the dr in Texas but being old will probally die before h3r number comes us so??? She has bones now fising inti her upperback ets pinching nerves. She refuses to take any drugs I can’t imagine the pain she’s in . So to make things shorter lol I comend you for the everyday stress you put on your self to make such beautiful babys by the way I am a Grandmother of 6 fabulous boys ages ranging 12, 10 soon to be11, 9 years my oldest girl. Middle daughter an 8 soon to be 9 and a 4 month old, and my youngset 21 year old with her 3.5 year old thwt also lives with us . No grand daughters to see in the far future. Keep up with your endevers you are an awsome person and a great artist.

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