Mega Queue 2020

My last set of custom babies from 2020. And all of their details!!  


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Reborn Life Magazine

Eek! I’m so excited to have been part of the debut magazine! Huge thanks to Tonia EngleStreet for thinking of me. I can’t wait to read, I’m especially thrilled that fellow Canadians Vincenzia Care Chenza Dolls and Renee Mack Studios of Renee Mack Reborn and Silicone Dolls were also featured!!! (Plus, my Rosalee belonged to another dear sweet Canadian artist Evelyn Sorensen. I’m pretty sure she’d get a big kick out of her baby girl on the cover)!! 💕

If you’re in North America, you can snag copies of the mag through Reborn Doll Kits by MacPherson ❤❤❤

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How to Spot A Reborn Doll SCAM

❄️ 🎄 ⛄️ 🎅 As the holiday season rolls around, and online shopping is underway, please BEWARE that there are hundreds of SCAM shops pretending to sell reborn dolls.

Reborn dolls cannot be duplicated by a factory! They are handmade art creations made by artists like myself. You will NOT find a reborn doll for UNDER $100. In fact, you’re probably very unlikely to find any kind of quality reborn for under $250, unless it’s by a BRAND NEW reborn artist.

Please protect your pocketbook, and do your research if you see an ad popping up. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Also, most reborn artists will not have the money to place ads on Instagram and FB or retarget you on Google. We wish we did, but we just don’t. Because this is an artform, and we often do not have the volume of inventory readily available to go to justify such an expense.

A legitimate artist will have LOTS of pictures of their own work, they will have an artist name and a nursery name and social media presences with a lot of history of posts and photographs and albums. If you find a doll you’re interested in, and the page seems suspicious, ask the seller to provide a SAFETY PHOTO. A legitimate artist will always provide a safety picture at the request of a client. If they refuse, BEWARE.

Please remember:

– THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A CHEAP FULL BODY SILICONE REBORN. Full body silicone babies, blank, are $500-$2000. If you see one for cheap, it’s a SCAM.

– Real artists will not offer MANY versions of the same sculpt or face, for cheap, and be ready to ship. If you see this, it’s a SCAM.

– Check for watermarks. Real artists will have a watermark of their own nursery name on their work, or none at all. They will not show many images with different watermarks. If you see watermarks, test it. Follow up with that artist or name and see if they’re affiliated with the shop domain you’re interested in.

– If among the listings, you also see pictures of REAL CHILDREN, this is a SCAM. This shop is duping you.

– Reborn dolls are approx $250+. You will NOT find a reborn doll for under $100. PERIOD. If you see one. It’s a SCAM!

– Real artists will have lots of pictures on many social media accounts, a nursery name, an artist name, show work in progress and be willing to provide a safety picture.

Please do not fall for these thieves. You might think you will at least get something resembling the picture but that is simply not true. These pictures are STOLEN pictures and videos of real artists’ and sculptors’ work. They do not even have the same fundamental materials to make them. So what you end up getting are cheap plastic dolls, worse than something you could buy at Walmart or a Dollar Store, and the material they are made from is TOXIC. And that is IF you get anything at all. A lot of times you will receive NOTHING.

Authentic artists like myself are fighting the good fight against these shops that are stealing from sculptors, artists, and defrauding the public! If you’ve already placed an order with a shop that sounds like one of these, please file a chargeback to get back your money. And share your story in the groups devoted to them. Education is our greatest tool!!!!

Please learn more about scam shops here:

Group Devoted to Outing Scam Shops:

Please feel free to share. And let’s help protect one another this holiday season!!

❄️ 🎄 ⛄️ 🎅

You can also checkout my playlist on youtube for more tips 🙂

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Custom Romy by Gudrun Legler *SOLD*

So excited to share my custom order Romy!!! She is now also HOME! And so so loved already!!! Thank you again, Patricia, for thinking of me to make her for you!!!

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Prototype Katy by Iveta Eckertova

This baby girl has sold! But I wanted to share the most adorable detail video and box packing on this new sculpt by Iveta Eckertova. She was produced by Puppen-Traumland. She is now available to preorder. Thank you so much, Puppen Traumland for thinking of me again to prototype this incredibly beautiful sculpt.

My version’s full photoshoot is HERE:

This baby already arrived home. His Mom named him “Collin”.

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In the spirit of running FREE online courses during this COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine not only will my free 5- Step System Master Class will continue to run,
I will be also offering a bunch of free video modules from my reborn doll making course, Reborn A To Z Course! Yes! Like an impromptu *Master Class on PAINTING!* You can check out these free modules now!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

**Over 1.5hrs of FREE reborn doll making content below: (click the links below to watch – no registration required)**

My reborning course is up to 60 video modules, includes PDFs and charts, and is over 20 hours of content, and follows 3 babies start to finish. To unlock all videos and content, with the promo, you can still get that here: Reborn A to Z Course.
AND Even more awesome! If you’re a course member already, I’ve also released another 4 hours of FREE content within the course! My first case study, painting prototype “Payten” by Angela Degner.
A little creative distraction is the best way to cope during this terrifying time.
Love & Hugs,


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Happy New Year!

2019 was an amazing year! I now have a collage of all my babies from 2019, as well as a few still available for sale.

I’m currently running a sale in my reborn shop. My prototype reborn babies are currently $500 off at my custom pricing – this week only.


Prototype Ana by Bonnie Sieben

This sweet baby boy OR girl, is ready to ship. She goes home with her full prototype layette, birth certificate and goodies.

She’s currently for sale HERE!

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Santa is COMING!!! Giveaway Date Announcement!

You guys! The response from this giveaway has been sooo overwhelming that I’m no longer able to manually input names and I’m doing the spreadsheet entry form again!!

Please head on over here to Register to Win: And show your excitement: Like, Comment, & SHARE! Yes, you can register again even if you’ve already entered before! And you can enter again each time I share this or any other giveaway baby video/pics! The giveaway date is around the corner!!! Turn up the volume to learn when!!!

Baby is valued at $1100. This baby is FREE and will go home to one of you lucky peeps!! Once again, if you haven’t registered, head here:

Good luck everyone!!! Must be a FB Fan, Youtube Subscriber or Follow me on IG to win.

Find me on FB and

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How to Reborn An Ethnic Doll in 3 Mins

My last time lapse video was so popular, I decided to make another! This time with an ethnic skin toned baby, “Melanie” sculpted by Irina Kapasplayka.

I show every step, narrated in real time painting this baby in my reborn doll course Reborn A to Z Course and from two different camera angles. (I also show how to fully root, and root eyelashes on an open eyed baby, and how to paint torsos, cords and belly plates & an advanced painting series with an additional Caucasian baby start to finish). My course is up to 50, 10-50min long, video modules + bonus pdfs and access to my free FB support group with support 24/7. If you’re interested in learning more about this course, or the business of reborning, you can also join me for a free master class! Master Class

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The Art of Reborns

You guys!!!! There are literally no words to capture how incredibly honored and truly humbled I feel to have been featured in this edition of The Art of Reborns magazine alongside so many talented artists (not to mention, absolute legends in the reborn doll industry!!!) Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU so very, very much, Mariana Garza for thinking of me! 😄💗

Check out the magazine as a PDF here:

Here’s a little preview from my portion. 🎨💗

This mag is a must read. So many amazing features for Alicia RodriguezSzulyak GisellaAnna ShevaLinda Hill, and Suzette Du Plessis and filled with tutorials and reborning tips and tricks. The master class by Linda Hill, WOW!!!

Thank you again, Mariana. 


Check out the magazine as a PDF here:

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