happy parents!

Wow! Shay did an amazing job! I got two dolls for my twin daughters for Christmas. They look so real that I can’t stop looking at them!The teachers at my school were walking around playing tricks on the other teachers and students when the dolls arrived, pretending they were real.

I wish I had an excuse to get another one! Everything about these dolls looks good. One thing I’m impressed with that I was nervous about is the hair. I looked at some other artists and the hair looked fake. Her hair looks very realistic. I got rooted hair which was awesome, but all of her painted hair looked really impressive too (in pictures I saw). Shaylen is really good and I would definitely use her again!  PS They were thrilled! They’ve played with them constantly! Thank you! The picture with my husband was one we put on FB to trick our friends into thinking we had more twins. 🙂  -Laurie

WOW !!! THANK YOU !!!! SO SO MUCH !!!! I received them today, and they are so amazing !!! I was at my best friend house and (on ne pouvait pas se retenir de faire une blague à son mari… quand il est arrivé, on lui a fait croire qu’on gardait des bébés et il nous a cru :s haha il a fallu lui prouver que c’était des poupées !!!) Priceless !! You are an AMAZING artist Shay, Meg is so beautiful ❤ And she looks so real !!
OMG Shay !!! I’m so in love with this new baby girl !!! At first I was not sure if I was loving this kit… All pictures of other reborners was, for me, kinda fake and I really don’t like the result or pictures I saw of this kit… but you did such a good job with Meghane (lilian) and Ian (lulu) so I put all my trust in your artist vision with a big “just give it a try” 😉 AND REALLY ??? I’M so happy with the result !! OMG it’s now my favorite kit ever !!! She’s pretty, she’s lovely and she’s so realistic !!!! Thank you so much Shay !!! ❤ Un énorme merci pour tout le travail et la patience. Elle est merveilleuse !! ❤
Mini and Cass xxxx

Hello Shaylen! I received Harleigh today and I am over joyed! She is so realistic, the most realistic reborn I have ever seen. I am so happy with her. Her weight is perfect, her painting is incredible, I love the textured spots on her face, her hair is SO soft and extremely well rooted. You are so talented and I am so happy I chose you to make me a reborn! I just can not get over how real she looks! I love her so much already. I will DEFINITELY be handing out the business cards that she came with. My hobby has rubbed off onto my bestfriend and she plans to get a reborn after Christmas, I will definitely recommend you to her. Thank you SO SO much. I can not thank you enough. ♡
— Emily

This sweet baby boy is even cuter in person than in his pictures, his details are unbelievable and I have lots of reborns….I see Shay as a very fast and upcoming award winning reborner…she is an ‘artist’ and not a ‘crafter’ which truly shows on her reborns she brings to life….thank you for an awesome little boy…… Pamela

So sorry it took so long to send this review. I LOVE the doll,and she is of the highest quality. If you are looking for a beautiful,quality custom reborn doll,this is the shop to buy from.We could not be more happy with our purchase! Thank you again for your great service and gorgeous, like like baby.

Beautiful baby!! Wonderfully real looking! Fast delivery! 🙂 — Gail

I absolutely love my baby Ayana! She is so beautiful. Her painting is amazing and I love how tiny she is. Shaylen was just wonderful to work with; she was so nice. I am in absolute awe with how realistic Ayana looks. Thank you so much! 🙂 – Alyssa

I cannot say enough good things about Shaylen’s reborns. This was my second baby from her, and little William is perfect down to the last detail. I’m hard to please when it comes to dolls, and I can’t think of anything that can be improved on my little boy. Even Shaylen’s box packing was attentive to detail. She sent extra presents for my existing reborns— I can’t stop smiling. Thank you SO much, Shaylen! — Emi

I just absolutely am in love with this little guy. I cannot believe how truly lifelike he looks. He is everything I have ever dreamed of in a reborn doll. I love how you did his hair and just looking at how delicate some of the strokes of hair on his head and eyelashes was, I have to say only a very steady guided hand can do things like that and he is absolutely beautiful. I will treasure him always.
Thank you so much, Shaylen, for your time, your talent and your dedication to creating such a beautiful baby for me. He is truly a blessing!
— Nancy & Owen

Hi Shaylen, I wanted to let you know that I received Sawyer! Great job on him, he is so cute! I just love him! The hair rooting turned out magnificent! So finely rooted, and I love the swirl and shape of the hairline! Can’t wait to get him home! Thanks for reborning him for me. — Emily Jameson (Sawyer’s sculpter)

Hi Shay! Belle arrived today!!! She is so beautiful!!! I can’t even begin to describe how much I love her!!! Thank you so much for my little Belle! She truly is a beauty! She was definitely worth the wait! She is beyond what I’d thought she’d be! On truly speechless!!! Thank you so much!!! — Amanda

I am totally in love with my little girls. They are so sweet and realistic looking. I also love how they feel. Thank you so much. – Jillian

Lovelyn & Quinlynn’s details are breathtaking! I cant get over how close to a real baby she looks. Every visitor that has been around her is amazed at her. She melts in your arms and we couldn’t be anymore happier with her! Thank you so much Shay! — Lauren, Lovelyn & Quinlynn

I love her soo much. She is so detailed, totaly getting more from Shaylen in the future!!!! Thanks Shay. I love all your babies you had made and mine little girl Aaliyah. Totally recommend Shaylen. Stephanie

Pictures do not do our baby boy justice, we are so impressed with the customer service we received during the busy Christmas season. I was kept informed with all aspects of my transaction from start to finish. I plan on buying another baby doll from her really soon.

Thank you Shaylen for creating such a life like reborn baby, a true work of art by a wonderful artist! You provided great customer service and went beyond by sourcing a full body for my baby. You really did a wonderful job! I will be purchasing all my future reborns through Shaylen! I highly recommend Shaylen and am very happy with my purchase! Thank you! — Tammy

This baby Is PERFECT I am forever grateful that you made her so well!! you have a talent that you should have brought out many many years ago but now you have many years to come to make others as happy as me!!
We love love love our baby! She is done so amazingly well! Thanks for taking payments!…it really helps make these top quality babies affordable! — Liz, Isabella & Fleur

Oh my goodness!!! I have no words to express myself when I saw my reborn baby girl. She is just perfect. Shaylen your talent is amazing! All the details on her face, eyes , the hair everything was just perfect. I am very pleased with your work. Highly recommend Shaylen these amazing artist to anyone who’s looking for a reborn baby doll. She was so easy to work with, all the e-mails and pictures through the process was on time and every question answered. Thank you so much Shay, she is adorable! Definitely will work with you again : ) – Nivea

Again, I am speechless with your wonderful work Shay, baby Pixie is just PERFECT!!!!! I have received her today and can’t take my eyes and hands out of her!!!! I love her so much! Thank you for reborning this little sweetheart for me! They should have 10 stars option here and I would give them all to you : ) ’til next one… – Nivea

I can not say enough about Shaylen’s work! The reborns are incredibly lifelike and beautiful! Shay is absolutely amazing to work with! Great communication, fantastic personality, impeccable attention to detail and quick turnaround! Thank you for making dreams come true this Christmas! Our girls will be ecstatic when they meet their “babies”!!!! Now ….. All this waiting …… — Rose

icm_fullxfull.34277318_t1r2lbg4w4gg4484ck08I got her!! And I LOVEEEEEE her sooo much I’ll send you pictures of us later! – Sammi & Stella

Dear. Thank you for the lovely babydoll I got today. She is so wonderful genuine and my friends actually thought it was a live baby before I said it was just a doll. A wonderful handwork you have done for me. I am so in love with here.<3 She is absolutly perfect. You are a great artist. Best Merethe

“Lola is a gorgeous little baby with wonderful attention to detail. Great seller, great communication and fast shipping!” — Mandy

“Alice Pearl, now Katelyn Pearl is amazing! We get stopped in stores. People will not believe us that she is a doll! Everything about her looks so real. Her eyelashes, her hair, the lines in her arms & legs, she is so PERFECT! Today we had to pull her sleeper down to prove she wasn’t real. She arrived 2 days early. She was in perfect condition & her layette was wonderful! Her gorgeous Birth Certificate & care instructions were included. We do not spend that kind of money on our children’s birthday presents. We made an exception with Katelyn. She was just too beautiful, we HAD to have her! Total Strangers come & look at her & say that she is amazing! THANK YOU SO MUCH! We love Katelyn Pearl!” — Kathy & Ashley

“awesome seller, reborn baby is so lifelike, very sweet, love it, great communication with seller, fast shipping, recommend to anyone that loves reborn and wants/need a life like Baby, go with this seller, I love her, I love her work, just awesome, she made my dream come true by customizing my Baby with my own children’s Birthmarks, eye color and hair. 100% the best reborn artist I ever done business with !!!!” — Susanne + Ella

Thank you Shay,you have done it again. Perfect little micro preemie with beautiful detailing and oh so cute little outfits as well. I happily advise that anyone looking for a quality reborn visit you at Custom Reborn. Thanks again Louise.

Shaylen is a very patient, kind, and talented Reborn Artist. She is very professional, and a delight to work with. She offers a truly top of the line, custom experience to her reborn Mommies! You can see my Beautiful Julietta, now Violetta, that she made for me on her FB page. Thank you, Shay! I was in awe of Violetta when I saw her. I expected her to come alive at any moment, that’s how real she looks and feels in my arms with all her amazing details, and perfect weight and filling. I can’t stop kissing her little cheeks, and hate to put her down! Her little outfit is just perfect, and matches her to a “T”. Thanks again for bringing my vision of her to life! She is perfect! A+++++ — Ellen & Violetta

“OMG! She is sooo beautiful! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get her in my afghan pics! You do absolutely beautiful work! As soon as I got her out of the box I drove like a mad woman to my friends house to show her off! They were as astonished as I was about how truly lifelike she looks! I can’t thank you enough!” — Pam R.

Ms. Maxwell is a wonderful person as well as an amazing artist. The baby arrived in a timely fashion, and in beautiful condition. She looked even better in real life than in pictures. I cannot recommend this store enough! — Emi & Sofia (Beanie)

 “Love Emma SO much!” — Skylar.

Oh Shay!!! Bailey is absolutely PERFECT! I love her soooo much! Thank you! I will take some photos of her soon in some of my crochet items. Your work simply amazes me! I am so glad I found you!!! I went and showed her to my neighbor, the neighbor couldn’t believe how real she looked! And, her hair!!! She kept touching the hair and said “Oh my! That feels so much like real baby hair, except real baby hair moves a bit more than painted hair would.” Her little 2 year old boy knew it was a doll because I was showing my neighbor the details on her, but when I dressed her back up and wrapped her in the blanket… he stared at her for a long time, then quietly whispered “Shhh…. baby sleep” It was adorable!” — Evelyn + Bailey

Hope you enjoy these pics. of Max Shay,there is more of him on my facebook. All my friends thought he was real when I posted him,this has a lot to say about your work,incredible. You are an amazing artist!! –– Christine

“He is here!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! My babe is finally here I can’t let go of him I love him so much!!!” — Ruth + Daren

“You are such a great artist, and your reborns are affordable too! Also, you’re suuupperrrrrrr nice, easy to talk to, Overall your shop is perfect! 🙂 A+ for you! Can’t wait to get her! And thanks again. I appreciate everything 🙂 Good luck on your future reborns to come! And whenever I want a reborn, I’ll make sure to check your shop out first! <3” — Nomerico + Eliza Jade

Eli arrived perfectly on time, and I am very pleased with your work. His detailing is really great. I will definitely be purchasing from you again in the future! 🙂 Thank you, Aoife.

I love my Evan – Melanie

 Amazing! My little Gregory is so realistic and precious. This custom order was a wonderful experience with a true professional! Thank you. ❤ 

It was nice to do business with a local seller, always a good feeling to support small Canadian business. My daughter loved it! 😀

Very good service, excellent quality and in a timely manner. Would definitely order from again! Amy

photo“Shaylen, Thank you so much for “Carson”. I knew the moment I saw this baby, she was mine! “Carson” looks JUST like my daughter Lana, who I’ve missed most of my adult life! She passed when she was only 2 months old and I retained only a few photographs of her. She is beautiful! I keep her in the next room to me, and hold her at least ten times a day. She looks even better than all the pictures! Thank you, truly. You’ll never know how much she means to me!  — Ruth A.

This baby Is PERFECT I am forever grateful that you made her so well!! you have a talent that you should have brought out many many years ago but now you have many years to come to make others as happy as me!! – Sam & Jade

“Makennah was so excited, but nothing was more exciting than her opening Reagan!!! We both absolutely adore her!!! She is phenomenal!! Makennah and I have already changed her outfits at least 10 times!!! We took her out for the first time last night to a Mexican restaurant in town…and boy the looks we got!!! LOL! So many people came up to us and asked if she was real and our waiter even took her to the back to show her to all the other staff….they were speaking Spanish and they could not believe she wasn’t real!!! It was pretty funny, actually…my hubby got a kick out of it!! All we can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I have already handed out your information more times than I can remember and she was a HUGE hit with the kids and moms alike at the birthday party!!!! We just love you and will always appreciate Reagan and what you did for us more than you know…..you really are the BEST!! Will send pics soon!!” –– Love, Heather and Makennah

** CLICK HERE to see Box Opening Videos! **


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