custom orders

** Shop terms updated as of January 2019

4 slots will be open, when advertised. Or you can request to be put on the waiting list for the next available queue.

As of January 1, 2021 due to the rising costs of materials and my painting techniques and turnaround, I’ve made changes to my layaway plans and deposits and final value cost (adjusted accordingly.)
Full Sparse Combi Rooted babies range from $1397-1497 (available only for newborn and small newborn kits at this time)
Combi $1247-1297 (painted hair with rooted hair throughout the crown)
Painted hair (thick or barely there) $1147-1247(I no longer sell baldies)
Cuddle Babies start at $547-797(variation includes $50 more in the category for eyes, $50 more for belly plate/torso)
It takes about 6-8weeks to paint your doll, and an additional 1-2 mos for fully rooted babies (depending on thickness or style).
I charge $297 for deposit. This covers shipping cost and kit costs, as well as any customization stuffs (mohair, rooting needles, eyes, tummy plate). Deposits are non-refundable, only after the order has been confirmed and the kit has been ordered on my end (& the reborn process has begun).
UPDATE: August 2020. Effective immediately, for the foreseeable future, I will be unable to offer fully rooted babies of any size. I have a slipped/herniated disc that is causing me extreme pain when I sit. I work on an exercise ball or stand to paint but cannot do the same for rooting. As such, I’m happy to resume offering baldies to anyone looking for a root order, and help you to find a rooter after the order. Full combi orders will be staggered with 1 per queue to allow me to root at a speed that doesn’t cause injury. Thank you so much for understanding.
These prices take effect April 2019. Any orders currently reserved in the queue are still honoring my old pricing.
I only offer sculpts I have IN STOCK. I have created over 450+ babies & have a full portfolio on & on my webpage I have done prototypes by some of the top reborn sculptors like Laura Lee Eagles, Bonnie Sieben, Olga Auer, Samantha Gregory, Lenka Hucinova, Lorraine Yophi, Ann Timmerman, Toby Morgan, Cathy Rowland, and companies like Puppen-Traumland, Macpherson Crafts, and Truborn. My business was also featured in GLOBE & MAIL (Dec 2015).
All my custom babies go home with a three piece outfit set, sleeper & handknit bonnet (and sometimes matching romper), pacifier (magnetized or modified depending on the doll/request), hair bow, blanket, birth certificate & the sculpt’s signed authenticity sheet by artist.
I require the balance to be paid in full before shipping. Deposit on custom dolls is non-refundable after the order has begun.

Check out the babies I have in stock: HERE!

Once they are taken, they’ll be removed from the album or marked sold/or in progress.
You choose:
Baby’s gender
Hair color
Hair type (rooted, combination hair, painted hair, barely there painted hair, or bald)
Eye color (if applicable)
Skin tone / Ethnicity
Mottling and milia
Baby’s weight (Name, & Birthday are also fully customizable)
& any detailing (birth marks, milia, etc).
Orders take 2-4 weeks.  Longer if rooting is involved, typically 2-4 additional weeks. Slots will be available when advertised or listed in my Etsy Shop. If you’d like to be added to the waiting list, and slots aren’t currently available, please contact me. Slots fill very fast, and are set up this way so that there will never be a wait time longer than a month.


Given that my usual turnaround time is longer and my painting is SO MUCH more detailed than it was even last year at this time and my techniques some of the best in the industry, I’m compensating by increasing my cost per baby (about $50 – 100 more depending on the customization). This still means my custom babies will be a steal next to most high quality babies on Ebay. My babies will now range from $749-1049 approx.

+ $50 extra for open eyed sculpts.  And +$50 for a tummy plate/torso. $50 more if head size for rooting is large newborn/toddler.
I accept layaways and can work out any payment schedule you choose. Balance on your baby is paid before baby ships!


I use premium materials ONLY. I root only with Slumberland and Delta Dawn mohair (best in its kind) & use only premium Lauscha glass eyes. Dolls are painted with GHSP and sealed with Satin Matte varnish and glossed in all the right places. They are weighted with fine glass beads. Each baby comes with a layette. 3 piece outfit set. Sleeper. Boutique linen baby hat. Pacifier & bow. Blanket. And birth certificate. My babies are made in a smoke free, pet friendly home. : )
+ shipping. $45 for all babies shipping within Canada; $60 to the US,
and $110+ for international orders. Expedited shipping with a tracking #

I accept layaway. My layaway policy for available babies is $249 to start, balance paid over 3-6 mos periods (flexible for monthly & bimonthly payments, and balance can be done in less than 3 mos, it’s just 6 mos is just the longest that I offer currently). With custom orders, deposit is $249, balance can be paid in 3-6 mos periods. Payments are non-refundable and payments must be met on babies during their layaway or you may forfeit your position in the queue or your doll.* For custom orders- All non-refundable deposits will be $249 (or more depending on the cost or availability of the kit selected) and the remaining balance is to be paid over 3-6 months in 3-6 installments. Please let me know at the beginning of a custom if layaway is required and I will stagger the reborning accordingly. Layaway will be unavailable if requested at the end of doll’s completion. Additionally: Failure to make regular payments will result in forfeiture of slot as well as any and all payments unless prior arrangements are made

  Search custom sculpts here!

 I also now offer painted hair and combi hair for hire services (not subject to the queue). My turnaround for hair is 1-2 weeks. 🙂

Deposits are $249 to start the reborn process on any sculpt! This is non-refundable after a sculpt has been confirmed and ESPECIALLY after work has been begun! A custom baby  is a baby made to someone else’s vision, not necessarily my own. As such, the ability to resell it, if someone backs out of their custom order, is questionable. Especially after birth marks, stork bites or hair and eye colour are chosen. Deposits are in place to protect both the buyer and the artist.  You’re securing your position in my queue, the sculpt I have in stock, AND I’m securing someone to buy the work I’m creating and pouring resources into (time, materials, clothing, etc).  Things happen, and I understand completely if there are extenuating circumstances that do not allow you to continue a layaway plan or paying for baby once they are done. But your deposit is non-refundable. Period. I do not know when the doll will sell, if you abandon your purchase. It may sell in one week. It may sell in 6+ mos. I’ve seen it all. And I cannot afford to wait to find out. This is especially critical IF you order a rooted doll from me.
** Additional Rooting terms:
If you order a fully rooted baby from me, at the time when baby is ready for hair, the balance for rooting the doll will need to be paid in advance.  This will also become non-refundable if you end up stepping out of your custom order.  This is because I work with a rooter, splitting rooting between myself and Sharon Gregg (Sharon’s Reborn Treasures).  I have a shoulder injury which means I just cannot root as much as I’d like to, without risking an injury. I have now been working with Sharon for almost a year and I adore her rooting, but I do pay her immediately upon starting rooting and afterward. This ends up being the same cost I’d charge to root myself. Which means, if you have only paid a deposit (which covers sculpt and materials) to start, and decide not to purchase your doll, I have lost approx $200-300 depending on the head size. In rooting cost + shipping fees both ways. And cost of mohair. Needles. Etc. This has happened twice this past summer, and both babies are still available for purchase now. Consider it extra insurance on both of our parts, that this cost will now be required once rooting is initiated.  I’m flexible on layaway as well and can always hold off sending a head onto my rooter until you’re ready as well. Just know that this is now part of the protocol for fully rooted babies moving forward. 🙂


No matter what the request, my custom babies will be done in my signature style. This means, customizations will limited to only things like gender, skin tone, hair type & colour, eye colour and details like birth marks, stork bites etc. Additional detailing will not be customizable. Lip colour, shape of eyebrows, and subtle skin details will be subject to my own style or artistic vision. Babies will not be made to reproduce other artists work, unless it’s inspired by that artists work – in other words, same type of hair and skin tone, but in my own style (my own interpretation of a rooted Quinlynn Eagles, not Silvia’s version of Quinlynn, etc). I’ve made over 300 babies.  My portfolio will give you an idea of my own range within each category. When you request a custom from me, your trusting in my vision, and my artistic choices along the way. If you’re not comfortable with this, and would prefer a doll made to look exactly like another artist’s creation or a prototype, I will no longer be doing it as its too subjective. One can always argue it’s not exact (because it isn’t). If you want a doll from a specific artist, wait and get it from them instead. ❤
 The process:
I have now created a spreadsheet to keep all my current clients in the know about my custom orders. This can be checked at any time and will be updated periodically. I will also still update via email, and pictures will still be put up whenever I have pictures available of your little bundle in progress. This will hopefully let everyone know what is happening and when. When I am not replying to emails, I am painting, or rooting, or assembling babies, or doing photoshoots. I work 7 days a week and post updates as regularly as I possibly can.
Please be respectful and mindful that I am a one person business, and handle all my customer inquiries solo as well. I aim to please but there are always time delays around certain sculpts shipping to me (if a sculpt is on backorder, it will be recorded, and you’ll know just as soon as it arrives). And, of course, issues do arise that might set me back a few days from time to time as I am a WAHM of two small children. I love what I do, and I do my best to please every client I have in the timeliest fashion possible. My FB email service is notoriously unreliable for replying. I have done everything (hardware and browser wise) to figure it out, but I still experience bouts of being unable to load my mail server or (even more frustrating) replying only to have an error msg pop up saying msgs fail to deliver when I do. Please email inquiries directly to Any delay replying from there is a time issue, not me missing a message (I hope). And if in doubt, email again. Can’t hurt! 🙂
Thank you so much for supporting my art and my process,
Shaylen ❤

Or if you’re set on a sculpt already, start the process with a deposit to secure your position in the queue now. Please add a note as to which sculpt you’ve chosen!

**Deposit gets deducted from the total cost of your bundle-to-be.

If you have any questions or additional custom requests, I welcome them!

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  2. baylee dodson says:

    u should make a computer program so we can start customizing our doll and then send u our customise so u can see kinda what we want and so I/ we can get an idea of what it might look like

  3. Gracie Davidson says:

    Yea I really like that idea.

  4. Ai Leen Hou says:

    I agree with the first comments but can we describe the baby personalities as well because I don’t think someone who wants their baby to be a tomboy would be happy receiving their little girl dressed in pink lacy dresses or a girlygirl in overalls. I really do love your designs and I’m really hoping to buy one!

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