Want Wednesday!

Going to revise this feature because I desperately want this shirt! LOL!

Via Sun Frog Shirts

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Testimonial Tuesday – Box Opening Video Custom Lexi White

THANK YOU AGAIN! Enjoy your babies!!! ❤

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Introducing Cassia Selene – Adelya Auer – Reborn Baby Girl For Sale

Please welcome baby Cassia Selene! A precious baby girl, #659 of 1100 sold out Adelya by the very talented Olga Auer! She has been meticulously painted using Genesis Heat Set paints – custom mixed for a completely unique skin tone, complete with blue and yellow undertones, and over five layers of mottling for ultra realism. Her capillaries and blushing is blended well with tiny milia on her button nose.

Her skin has been sealed with matte varnish to keep her shine free permenantly and dewy skin finish was used to create realistic, still soft to the touch, newborn skin texture. Shine was added to the corners of her eyes, lips and nostrils. Baby Cassia’s hair is full combi, micro painted & micro rooted, 1-2 hairs per follicle using caramel brown Slumberland mohair. Her hair looks and feels perfect, and best of all, never requires styling!

Cassia has also been magnetized for a pacifier and a hair bow (the bow will sit where the hair collects). Her eyes are german glass eyes in a newborn blue. And her eyelashes have been hand rooted.

Cassia’s body is the custom doe suede body by Marita Winters. She has 3/4 arms & full legs, perfect for diapers & onesies. Her limbs and head have been sealed and weighted in all the right places to give her an authentic newborn feel (perfect for cuddles). Limbs have been filled with glass beads and polyfil, with glass beads in a sealed sac in his torso and head (so nothing will leak). I NEVER use sand in my babies – they can travel worldwide!

Her hair and eyelashes are all Slumberland mohair (best of its kind) & have been rooted & sealed so they’ll never fall out and can be washed and styled gently with a soft brush and water or leave-in baby conditioner (Johnson’s, etc).

Cassia comes with a birth certificate (customized! You can change her name to whatever you like & pick her birth details) and her signed certificate of authenticity by Olga Auer.

Cassia’s hair was micro rooted throughout the head for a full combi look. Her painted hairs have been also been sealed and textured to look and feel just like real hair. For me, there is nothing more realistic than a beautiful head of hair on a reborn, but styling is a nuissance. Her hair is the best of both worlds. It looks like a newborn, and NEVER requires styling or maintenance. Her hair has been directionally rooted and trimmed to give her that beautiful newborn head of hair! I am immensely proud of every head I paint & root, and Cassia’s is now my most prized head to date! I am confident you’ll love her just as much as I do!

Cassia Selene goes home with the cutest layette!! Everything pictured with her (besides props) goes home with her. Everything is brand new and was chosen to compliment her beautiful colouring – purples, pinks & a splash of maroon. She wears sized newborn.

Included with Cassia:

Bunny Sleeper & flower bandana bib by Children’s Place

Kitty set with hat by H&M baby

Custom purple bear hat with flower

Kitty cat magnetized Nuk pacifier

Pink & white Receiving blanket

Purple Lady bug onesie by Children’s Place

Purple sparkly bow by Joe Fresh

Flower headband by Melissa George

Pink & white ballet socks by Old Navy

She also goes home with a birth certificate, disposable diapers and care instructions on how to best look after your collectible baby.

Her name was selected via the Name Game on my Facebook Fan page (Reborn Sweet). If you love naming babies as much as I do, check out the page to participate.

Thanks for checking out my sweet little angel girl, Cassia!!

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Before & After

Asher (2) the Realborn by BB

Bailey by Sandy Faber

David by Tina Kewy

It’s a Girl by Tina Kewy

Kase the Realborn by BB

Kiki by Stephanie Sullivan

Lexi (2) by Sandra White

Lilian (2) by Gudrun Legler

Mathis by Gudrun Legler

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New Babies, Available Now.

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Testimonial Tuesday | Reborn Morning Routine Video

A morning routine video starring my 3rd Freya Kewy.

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Before & After

Ellis (2) by Tina Kewy

Ilse by Menna Hartog

Presley Asleep (2) the Realborn by Bountiful Baby

Sally by Bonnie Brown

Zhenya by Olga Auer

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Doll Sculpt Close-up 03 – Leelou by Cassie Brace

** This is a monthly blog feature, for reborn artists by a reborn artist! This is not a sponsored post by the sculpter or distributor, just a featurette I personally would love to read about the ins & outs of specific sculpts in the market currently. I will try to cover all the important points, my fave parts of the sculpt, proper eye size for open eyed sculpts (because sometimes distributors have different eye sizes listed), body type, limb type, vinyl colour & whether neutralizing washes will be required per skin tone, & baby clothing size! Think I missed something? Feel free to comment with additional info you’d have liked to see about the sculpt & I’ll try to include them in my next feature & answer the current questions in the comments section below.

Now introducing ‘LeeLou’ by Cassie Brace

LeeLou is Cassie Brace’s newest bundle of joy and is 18.5 inches with bent legs, Full arms and Full legs Comes with cloth body and tummy plate and numbered certificate.

Edition Size: 620
Status: SOLD OUT 

Prototype Leelous! Yes, I totally bid on both of these babies while they were on ebay (a girl can dream). And I preordered two of her/him and ended up reborning them both within the first month or so of their being in my studio.  One boy, one girl. One caucasian another aa. And let me just say this sculpt is so versatile and suits both sexes equally well, and ditto for any race! See?

So stinking cute! I also did one with barely there hair & another with painted hair. Nope, no rooting this time, but he/she totally suits rooted hair too (see Silvia’s prototype). Though I have to say, her scalp shape is so so perfect that she would be totally beautiful as a complete baldy too.

As for size: Leelou is delightfully chubby. The 18 1/2 inches is totally deceptive. Despite her bent knees, she is newborn to 1 mos sized. She fits newborn and 0-3 mos baby clothes perfectly. And her tummy plate? Adorable!!! I love her little innie.

Super cute chubby legs!

Also, Leelou’s vinyl? The perfect base colour. Think Quinlynn Eagles or Sawyer Jameson for comparison. A pale creamy tone. With my boy Leelou, it meant I hardly fleshed him at all. And I did absolutely NO neutralizing or toning of the vinyl at any point. With my girl Leelou, however, I was actually a bit concerned because I was making her a darker AA that I may be fleshing her for forever and a half. Esp with lighter vinyl, you end up having to do even more flesh layers because they don’t stick. Well, they went on effortlessly. I did just as many as I usually do (no extras) and she turned out so so beautiful. The end result was really translucent and natural. I honestly think this vinyl is the best vinyl out there. I wish every sculpt was in THIS vinyl. I swear it’s why I loved Miracle & Sawyer and Q so much because their vinyl is insane. If I were sculpting, I would totally have my babies made out of that vinyl.

Can you tell I was obsessed with their nails? I totally was. Leelou has the best nail beds. And nails that actually protrude. Tiny tips that look and feel like real nails! :O

And like Harley, she can suck her fingers.

This one was totally a family fave. Could not get Meekly to put her down & I had Beldoe hold her for me for this pose. Perfect cuddly newborn size, am I right?

And her full limbs & amazing body meant that she is super cuddly.  I just cannot stress how much I love this body with the ruched bum. One of my absolute favourite things!

I weighted my babies 7.5 lbs or so each. Perfect weight for her chubbiness. ;D  (Yes, I love a heavy baby).

Oh & the ruched bum?

Because of it, she totally fills out that 0-3 mos outfit. BUM! Love! ❤

Another feature I love about this sculpt? Her gorgeous open mouth. Cassie’s lips are always amazingly detailed too with every milk blister showing (another reason I’m dying to reborn Sailor Rose!) So so beautiful. And she’ll take a modified paci perfectly. I did magnetize both of mine but the magnetization (even with large, super strong earth magnets) was still quite weak. It sat just fine when baby was lying down but almost impossible to stay on when baby was sitting up or being held upright. So def something to think about when reborning this one. (This is a problem soooo many open mouth sculpts have, but a great feature if you want a sculpt that will take a modified and not require magnetizing! Esp if you are reborning for someone with a pacemaker). I, for one, prefer it. BUT I also hate having earth magnets around the kids. 🙂

Another killer feature: the fact that their heads were a perfect fit for my knitted hats. No matter what the design, it totally suits them. GAH!

Srsly adorable, right?

Have a question about Leelou still? Let me know in the comments! Or if you’ve reborn him (or are a collector and have him on your wishlist or in your collection already) let me know what you love most about him!!

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Studio tour

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Inspiration Thursday | Micro Preemie Twins Bean & Sprout Eagles

Makes me want to reborn the, both all over again!


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