Introducing Honor Leigh – Prototype “Sarah” by Antonio Sanchis


Right before Christmas, I got the most exciting news ever (for a reborner). I got offered a prototype opportunity by Macpherson’s Arts & Crafts, to reborn their new sculpt Sarah, sculpted by Antonio Sanchis, of Berenger fame. I was beyond excited and truly honoured! And the box delivering her just couldn’t get here fast enough!!! I totally went with my inspiration, from her hair, full combi with slumblerland baby brown, medium brown, and caramel brown shades. To her tiny scratches, veins and milia. She’s one of my most detailed babies and my pride in joy. And now she’s FINALLY available! 😀
honorleigh Please welcome baby, Honor Leigh, the first of her kind, prototype #1 of the “Sarah” sculpt by the very talented Antonio Sanchis, and produced by Macphersons.

She has been meticulously painted using Genesis Heat Set paints – custom mixed for a completely unique skin tone, complete with blue and yellow undertones, and over five layers of mottling for ultra realism.



Her capillaries and blushing is blended well with tiny milia on her button nose.

Her skin has been sealed with matte varnish to keep her shine free permanently and dewy skin finish was used to create realistic, still soft to the touch, newborn skin texture. Shine was added to the corners of her eyes, lips and nostrils. Baby Honor’s hair was micro painted and then micro rooted, 1-2 hairs per follicle using a combination of baby brown around the temples, medium brown around the head, & caramel brown throughout the crown, for one of the most realistic heads of baby hair I have ever created! All hair is Slumberland yearling, softest of its kind.

Honor’s body is the custom doe suede body by Sanchis. She has full, chubby limbs & anatomical belly plate by Tina Kewy matched to her skin tone. Her body is weighted in all the right places to give her an authentic newborn feel (perfect for cuddles). She is 7lbs 14oz (I love a heavy newborn). Limbs have been filled with glass beads and polyfil, with glass beads in a sealed sac in her torso and head (so nothing will leak). No sand is in her body so she can travel worldwide!

From this… to this

Going home with Honor:
Pink hooded Adorable Heart sleeper by Joe Fresh
Anatomical Belly plate by Tina Kewy
Newborn ducky receiving blanket by Bountiful Boutique
Custom Knit lamb hat
Two magnetized hair bows, one sparkly hair bow
Think Happy Things Dress by Zara
Cream knit tights by Joe Fresh
My Mom is Super onesie by Circo
Aventi flower magnetized pacifier
Newborn hat

She also goes home with a birth certificate, receiving blanket & five disposable diapers.
Honor comes with a birth certificate (customized! You can change her name to whatever you like & pick her birth details).

To view more of her pictures & information, you can check out her FULL ALBUM

Thanks for checking out baby Honor!

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