Keeper Babies – Part 2

Back in May I wrote a post about my first keeper baby, a baby I made, sold, bought back, and then made over. My Nico by Gudrun Legler. Well, I have finally, FINALLY made the transition into collecting from other artists. Of course, on that much coveted list, most are artists I could never dream of being able to buy from, like Silvia or Melissa. CUZ ZOMGEXPENSIVE! Even though, yep, I have bid on dream babies on ebay! LOLOL! But I’ve also been dying for a baby from Jody Slater (of Heavenly Babies Nursery) and her babies are still similarly priced to my own, so I’ve been just waiting for the right time to finally buy from her. I missed out on her Polly Maynard, earlier this year, and ever since, I’ve been waiting for my perfect baby to appear!

Then she did an AA Benji and it was GAME OVER. I absolutely love her AA tones, and Benji is one of my fave sculpts. I reborn him once before, have another in my collection to reborn soon! So when I saw her, I just had to have her! I believe I even wrote Jody about her when she was still in the process of reborning her (not having even painted her hair).


I also have been dying to see another artist’s painted hair in person (and since I’m not likely to also be able to afford an Evon painted head either) Jody was a good second. In this industry, EVERYONE paints so soooo differently, and painted hair is esp diverse. Since I’m also not about to hit up a doll show and be able to fawn over other artist’s work up close, this is a really great alternative. And I confess that I am going to spend HOURS pouring over every paint stroke. Esp hair at the temples. Oh and her brows. πŸ˜€ I still pour over my friend Donna’s babies’ painting every time I get to paint hair for her, because I love seeing how our techniques differ. But Donna doesn’t paint hair (& she’s still not keen on trying! TRY HAIR PAINTING, DONNA! LOL!) AND on top of all of this I am also dying to see another AA tones in person, as I still consider myself more of a novice in this domain, it never hurts to have an awesome example to study each time I work! πŸ˜‰ Haha. XD

So all this to say: I have a new keeper baby! And she’s on her way to me. *Squee*Β  Yep, I will absolutely film a box opening (because who doesn’t love a box opening?) video and will share when she arrives. I am soooo stinking excited! πŸ˜€ Now for some pic spam (taken by Jody).













Seriously so cute, right? I ordinarily see Benji as a boy, but I def think I’ll keep her a she to balance out the genders! Suuuuuuuper excited! Will post again when she’s home! πŸ˜€

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  1. tenesia calloway says:

    How much is this baby can you give here a lot of hair and make it really curly

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