Introducing Braeden Cole – *SOLD*


Braeden Cole is the the Noah sculpt by the very talented Reva Schick! He has been meticulously painted using Genesis Heat Set paints – custom mixed for a completely unique skin tone, complete with blue and yellow undertones, and over five layers of mottling for ultra realism. His capillaries and blushing is blended well.

His skin has been sealed with matte varnish to keep her shine free permanently and dewy skin finish was used to create realistic, still soft to the touch, newborn skin texture. Shine was added to the corners of his eyes, lips and nostrils. Baby Braeden’s hair is a beautiful auburn hue, micro painted one follicle at a time using two tones for dimension and textured to feel like real hair using thick medium & look alive premium thinner that adds gloss to each strand – the effect being an ultra realistic head of painted hair that will always look and feel perfect! The effect is a truly realistic head of newborn hair that looks and feels realistic – no styling required! He has also been magnetized for a pacifier.

Braeden’s body is the custom doe suede body by Reva. He has 3/4 arms and full legs, perfect for onesies and diapers. His limbs have been sealed and weighted. His body is weighted in all the right places to give him an authentic newborn feel (perfect for cuddles). Limbs have been filled with glass beads and polyfil, with glass beads in a sealed sac in his torso and head (so nothing will leak). No sand is in his body so she can travel worldwide!

His eyelashes are all slumberland mohair (best of its kind) & have been rooted & sealed so they’ll never fall out and can be washed and styled gently with a soft brush.

Braeden comes with a birth certificate (customized! You can change his name to whatever you like & pick his birth details). He can also go home as a she if you prefer a baby girl! He’s not anatomical! 😉

Braeden’s hair was micro painted and textured so it will always look and feel perfect no styling required!!

Braeden goes home with a full layette, and everything pictured!

Included with Braeden Cole:
Cherokee bowtie onesie with shorts
Knit cardigan with elbow pads
Joe Fresh Lion Prince Onesie.
Tractor Sleeper by Joe Fresh.
Custom Knit Monkey hat
Dino Magnetized pacifier
Receiving blanket
Birth certificate.
5 diapers.
Scent wafer

About Shaylen Maxwell

Custom Reborn Artist, Writer, Editor, Puzzle Maker, and Momma of two (Sneaky & Meekly)
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