To ebay or not to ebay. . .

Despite a successful ebay auction (a first, believe it or not; ebay and I aren’t on good terms) of my original Quinlynn Eagles, I feel torn about continuing my auctions vs custom orders.

I personally LOOOOOVE custom orders. For so soooo many reasons. But first, because I love variety in my art. If I were creating solely, all my babies would end up with painted hair or combi. Because it’s just what I love. I looove the challenge of custom orders. I love the end product always being unique, the clients’ vision actualized. I love how it always forces me to pace myself faster than I ordinarily would (also because I don’t delay wondering what to do with hair or eyes). I also LOVE already having a Momma (or Dadda) for my babies. It saves me becoming attached and wanting to hold onto EVERY one! I have about 10 sculpts currently that I cannot even begin to start for fear I’ll keep them. Paige was one of these babies, and she went home last week. Knowing she was officially sold out and I’d never reborn another (let alone keep one). And I loved her JUST as much as I anticipated I would. However, because I waited until she had a Momma, I didn’t get attached and I loved sending her off. Knowing she was already a loved and cherished family member elsewhere was just AWESOME! I also think because I started as a custom portrait artist, it just made sense to continue this in my reborn work. I love working for my customers. And the feedback along the way.

So… to ebay or not to ebay?

I currently have 3 limited edition, sold out, and extremely rare sculpts in my possession that I want to sell, but am afraid I’ll want to keep. So… in case you’ve been looking for one of these, and would love a custom baby created exactly as you want him or her, here’s your chance to secure one! Until I change my mind, I’ve listed my last Quinlynn Eagles, Esme Eagles, and Lilian Legler (I am seriously holding my breath as I type this – oh how I adore Lilian! I’m so sorry, baby, I secured a Linus though and I swore I’d only keep one of you!!)

Check ’em out, before I change my mind! LOLZ!!! πŸ˜€

About Shaylen Maxwell

Custom Reborn Artist, Writer, Editor, Puzzle Maker, and Momma of two (Sneaky & Meekly)
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