The Pre-order!

I’m dedicating this blog post to the pre-order.

Since my descent into the addictive world of reborning, I have come to dread one thing: THE PRE-ORDER. I’m only on my fourth experience with pre-orders, mind you, so I’m still so new to me. But O-M-GEE! I can think of little that parallels this phenomenon. Maybe the virtual experience of this:

But you have to want them more than ANY-FUCKING-THING!

My first experience was with the Livia by Gudrun Legler. I didn’t have money to drop on the sculpt, didn’t quite understand how a true pre-order worked (one with a set kick off time, forgive the metaphor). And she was open eyed too, and a few months ago I was so anti open eyed sculpts. (Okay, I still am not totally sold on them, but more because AGHAGH I hate putting eyes in!!! LOL!) I digress. So when I heard she sold out within a few minutes, I was all *raises eyebrow!* WHUUUUUT? But I figured maybe it was just her. I mean, who wouldn’t kill for a Gudrun Legler? LOL!

Then along came Everleigh by Laura Lee Eagles. I assumed (wrongly) that just because she had a set time, I could wake up later and get her. HAH! Should I mention I’m an extreme night owl. My fellow reborner Donna calls me the Vampire! I totally am! I also kinda hate sunlight, but that’s another matter! LOL! Anyway, preorder for E was 12 and I think I rolled out of bed at 3 and rushed to the computer to discover she was — duh, of course — sold out. Again, I wasn’t entirely sold on ordering her. But I def made mental note that next time this happened, I was going to have to get my ass to the computer… at the right time!

Which brings me to Lilian. Oh Lilian Legler. It was love at first sight. Also because, I missed Linus too. And oh how I still pine for him! (I’ve even thought about getting one for $465. That’s just sculpt – not reborn! CRAAAAZY!) As soon as I knew the date & time of the pre-order, I had scheduled around it. I set my alarm. I set my computer up. I got open the order page. I was so anxious. Everything was set. I was up 15 mins before order time. And so good I was because of course my PC decided it needed to reboot and install updates. WHY WINDOWS 8, WHY YOU NOT PREPARE ME? WHY YOU NOT LET ME DELAY? I had just enough time to get back on, and refresh my browser like a mad woman five minutes before. I was shaking, heart thundering as I refreshed at precisely 2PM, saw the order open up, and then I checked out in rapid pace. I ordered two. And contemplated a third. The experience swept away all common sense! And then it was over. 7-ish minutes later. She was sold out everywhere. 1111 sculpts. In 7 mins.


Which brings me to last week. Monday. Quinlynn Eagles FINALLY had a pre-order release date. CUE ANXIETY! I stressed & prepared all week. Because I’m naturally anxious, these kinds of things just push me right over the edge into mad insanity! LOL! Kidding. But I def had a knot in my stomach over it. What if I don’t get one. It’s okay if I don’t get one. Not the end of the world. I prepped the night before. Opened up all my browsers. Prayed Windows 8 wasn’t going to bitch slap me. & set my alarm. Oh and my doll geek bestie Donna and I concocted the most genius plan ever to both order 2. To save one another’s asses if one of us lucked out! Even though both of us wanted to keep our two! LOL!! So, what happened, you ask?

MY ALARM DID NOT GO OFF! It was my ringing phone 4 mins before that got me up! I had no idea it was Donna waking my ass up! LOVE HER! I grabbed my computer and ran out of the room. Only to discover it, of course, wanted to reboot. WHY YOU ALWAYS REBOOT ON PRE-ORDER DAYS BUT NEVER ANY OTHER DAY? WHY WINDOWS 8? WHY? I was holding my breath. My hands were shaking. My heart was beating in my ears! It finally loaded the log in screen, only to freeze on me. I swore and cursed, and shook! I hit the restart button and swore some more. So much so I heard Meekly stir in the other room. IT THANK GOD BOOTED. All the while I frantically time checked my phone. 12:01. FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!! 12:02, I was in! FINALLY! But the browser was down. Rebooted it. Had to search for Quinlynn. Spelled it wrong! FUCKKKKKKKK! NO NO NO! All the while I was thinking, I wish Donna had telepathy and knew I was having these woes and was ordering 2 extra for me! LOL! I did not want her to end up with just one, because of my sleep/computer woes!

And then I secured them!! I felt my whole body relax, rejoice, my blood sloshing in my ears, my pulse racing! I rushed onto FB to tell Donna! Because I didn’t have any time to check in before I bought. AND… girl must’ve had telepathy! She got 4 kits thinking I was asleep! & she was the one who woke me with the call! So somehow we ended up with 6 kits! LOL! And were freaking out about that! You know, after doll geeking out that we actually managed to get them period!! And I relayed my ordeal. And then our supplier let her know there were too many issued. The computers couldn’t even keep up with the orders. On Laura’s website either! :O See, it’s fanaticism this pre-order biznitch! Well. We lucked out again! She got to donate the two extras to someone who missed the cut off. For a moment we panicked. Wouldn’t that be the luck. To have 6. Only to donate two and find out I missed the cut off by a minute! LOL!!! So we were back down to 2? Naw, we lucked out! TOTALLY! And this blog entry has officially digressed into junior high like hysteria over… dolls. O.o This is a maddening world.

Er, so yeah! Damn, it was a good day! But now I have to start preparing for Esme & Knox (NEED!!!) & I just secured a Pixie Brown too (SO EXCITED!)

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2 Responses to The Pre-order!

  1. Marcie says:

    HaHa! Just came across your blog. I am new to the reborn in world too and after seeing all the hype over certain dolls am hoping to preorder Knox. I got a Pixie from ebay for a fairly good price. Crazy! Crazy I say:)

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