Testimonial Tuesday | Custom Playborn Reborn Babies

A few weeks back I did a post on the first of two sibsets that received playborns for Christmas! Today’s entry is devoted to the second pair (identical twins – you’re not seeing the same girl twice! Haha!)

I was so so excited to get this order, back in November. As someone with identical twins in the family (my brothers) I know the kinds of drama that can unfold when buying the same gift for a pair of twins. Differences are really important. But too much difference can provoke argument. After settling on the sculpts, and customizations (micro rooting), I plotted every detail, I wanted them to be unique and special in their own right. I matched layettes (as much as possible with a boy/girl pair of babies), and their colouring/blushing, stork bites. Even their swirls were mirror images!

Meet Benjamin & Madison!
Baby Benjamin (Cozy, by Linda K Smith) & Madison (Gemma, by Donna Rubert).

Wow! Shay did an amazing job! I got two dolls for my twin daughters for Christmas. They look so real that I can’t stop looking at them! The teachers at my school were walking around playing tricks on the other teachers and students when the dolls arrived, pretending they were real. I wish I had an excuse to get another one! Everything about these dolls looks good. One thing I’m impressed with that I was nervous about is the hair. I looked at some other artists and the hair looked fake. Her hair looks very realistic. I got rooted hair which was awesome, but all of her painted hair looked really impressive too (in pictures I saw). I would suggest sending pictures of things you like such as hair or skin color. Sometimes its hard to describe in words. Anyway, Shaylen is really good and I would definitely use her again!Β 

They were thrilled! They’ve played with them constantly! They named them Benjamin and Madison. Thank you! The picture with my husband was one we put on FB to trick our friends into thinking we had more twins. πŸ™‚


I think this might be my fave picture ever! LOL!!

Thank you so so so much, Laurie! ❀

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