Testimonial Tuesday | Custom Reborn Dolls

Remember this darling face?


I reborn one of the last Julietta sculpts by Natalie Blick, for an avid collector.  She was smitten with a Julietta that she’d seen online, with a violet hued lip, and bright blushing. It’s always ALWAYS that much more daunting to reborn for a collector. Esp as a — relative — novice (not sure I can continue calling myself this, almost 50 babies out… LOL!) But I feel like I am still very much a novice in the industry. So you can imagine just how ecstatic I was after Julietta (now Violetta) was finally heading home to a delighted Momma.  & even more happy I was to get this, a few days later:

Shaylen is a very patient, kind, and talented Reborn Artist. She is very professional, and a delight to work with. She offers a truly top of the line, custom experience to her reborn Mommies! You can see my Beautiful Julietta, now Violetta, that she made for me on her FB page. Thank you, Shay! I was in awe of Violetta when I saw her. I expected her to come alive at any moment, that’s how real she looks and feels in my arms with all her amazing details, and perfect weight and filling. I can’t stop kissing her little cheeks, and hate to put her down! Her little outfit is just perfect, and matches her to a “T”. Thanks again for bringing my vision of her to life! She is perfect! A+++++ — Ellen

icm_fullxfull.34589622_lglvm14jmhsgc8808k44 icm_fullxfull.34589620_kifz79hmohcsksokgwks

So very, very happy! & I love getting follow-up pics (have I said that enough? LOL!) Look at her, all bundled up! So real indeed! & also, don’t  you love the hair clip? I asked her how she found such tiny hair clips! (because EVERY time I order any, they end up soooo huge!) Want to know her secret? Pet stores. 😀  BRILLIANT!

Thanks again, Ellen! Enjoy your beautiful baby, Violetta! ❤

Edited to add:
Look at these recent pics of Violetta. She suits the headband, doesn’t she? It’s times like these that even though I know I made her, she totally looks like a real baby! LOL!


About Shaylen Maxwell

Custom Reborn Artist, Writer, Editor, Puzzle Maker, and Momma of two (Sneaky & Meekly)
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