Artful Friday | Week in Review

Despite being in a somewhat postal induced limbo (waiting on sculpts again… 4, ahem, make that 5! LOL!)

I finished this bald baby Amber (II) Moulton for my brother, SIL, & nephew. They’re expecting baby #2 this Spring, and after ruining his vinyl (do not unpack a leg and lay it next to a baby with marker on it) I’d have had to scrap her anyway. Behold. A practice baby brother. (In Sneaky’s old hand-me-downs). ❤ Sneaky named him Matty! What else? (Kid’s hair icon is Matty, the boy in Gingerbread Baby – his still fave book).

Baby Levi got an eyeball makeover. I think these dark blue eyes suit him, what about you? Took a few more pics of him for good measure. And updated his LISTING. Yuppers, he’s still available for sale, and my last available OOAK baby. *Sniff*

Because, Patrik Blick, now a Gabriel, found his forever home this week! & his way into a new set of eyes as well. Box packed him this morning and as of tonight, he’s en route home. I’ll miss that boy!

Baby Lulu Printy looks so much better as a boy, IMO. After mottling, I left her/him on the shelf, before next steps (hair, brows, etc) get considered. Best part about this sculpt? The thumb sucking, of course!!!


FINALLY revamped my FB cover photos, my logo design (god that was a long time coming, I’ve been hating on it for months now) & will be smacking up the new blog header momentarily. Behold, a chain of babies! And the 3rd one in?


Custom Baby Max, Will by Natalie Scholl.  I was so sooooo excited when I got a request to reborn him, because I was a little late on the scene and only learned about the sculpt AFTER he was entirely sold out. It’s a funny thing, what happens when you start reborning seriously (*cough* fall into the obsession), you start getting like “I HAS TO REBORN ALL TEH SCULPTS!” Like to the point that you’re willing to bankrupt yourself when Laura Lee Eagles unveils a new sculpt? Okay, I have Quinnlyn on the brain! LOL!

Digressing, I totally wished I could have reborn a Will Scholl. And guess what? I DID! Rooted, sealed, and a bajillion pictures of him later…


My Max is on the left, Max as inspiration is on the right. So dang happy with how he turned out!

Here he is again… Beautiful, right? He also headed home tonight. Going to  miss him too. But don’t worry, I have my trillion pictures to hold onto! Hah!


Other eventful happenings of the week: Starting on OOAK baby Fern (by Toby Morgan), Jack Russell (Freya II by Tina Kewy), and insider pics on the proper Pac-Man swirl.  CANNOT WAIT TO TRY IT OUT! Thanks, Donna!

Next week I’ve been promised 4 new babies should be with me. Including my first Lilian by Gudrun Legler (def bankrupting myself with Legler kits! LOL!) She’s already promised to a fellow French Canadian. How exciting is that?!

Happy weekend, everyone! 😀

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