Meekly’s xmas | A reborn love affair in the making!

FINALLY – the post I’ve been dying to write: All about Meekly’s first reborn! A process I started actually before I even started reborning, in actuality, but heightened as soon as I made my first (remember Sam by Marissa May?) and Meekly fell in love!! 8727801838_6f2cf8db33_b

I knew I was making Meekly her own reborn for Xmas. I spent most of August/Sept debating what sculpt to reborn for her. She has heaps of 10 inch babies, and I figured by the time Christmas rolled around, it would likely be too small a reborn. But newborn sized (esp weighted) would be WAY too big. And then I discovered Bean & Sprout by Laura Lee Eagles & I was smitten!

Micro preemie twins, Bean & Sprout. Aren’t they adorable?!

I chose Sprout for Glow, and started to work. Probably way too early, but I wanted to beat the Christmas rush period to work on her – so glad I did. But it meant I then had to hide her away for months, eagerly anticipating Christmas day! LOL!

& yes, thankfully being she’s only 19 mos now, I spoiled it a few times for her (I am the WORST Santa) & she was still surprised & delighted by her beloved baby!

Look, it was love already?!


I signed her back patch. ❤ I also didn’t weight her as heavy as I weighted Bean, knowing she’d be toting her around.

All dressed, and Meekly tries to steal her baby. She could already tell those twins apart. & like I said, the WORST Santa. ROTFL!

The best part is that I had ordered some sound recorders from Bountiful Baby, which went unused & I found the most amazing baby mp3 sounds to record on them. I put one into her baby. (Which, FYI, is the best part OF her baby – I think. She pushes it all day long. And, do not, I repeat, do not, take her apart and put in a new sound, like coo’ing, because she WILL know the difference and throw an epic tantrum in response!) The original sound of her baby, Sprout!
Link isn’t working so you can check out the video HERE!

& Now for the goodies! OPENING baby Sprout, which she quickly named Nima (pn. Nee-ma). This baby is totally, 100% real. & she goes EVERYWHERE with us. I suspect the only reason we don’t get eyes for having a baby lying face down in a grocery cart at the store, is because she’s too small to be a ‘real’ baby. LOL! I also have to ‘dress her’ three times a day (ie, change her layette & give her a new diaper – we’re switching to cloth diapers with her too! Way too expensive otherwise! LOL!)

I am in love with how much she loves her baby! Totally best Christmas gift ever.

She was SO proud! Instant love!

Also, completely the perfect size for her. With all my ‘playborns’ I do a few extra bakes so that the paint is sealed to the max (I’m paranoid, what can I say) & then I give the sculpt a bubble bath before assembly. My thinning medium is the safest out there BUT I still don’t like the idea of mouthing happening, if the sculpt isn’t clean!) 😀

Changing baby Nima for the hundredth time! LOL!

She cleaned up in the doll dept this Xmas and the in laws got her a stroller (perfect size for Nima) & a cradle!


My little nephew & dog sister also LOVE Nima. I’m in the process of reborning one for nephew as he’s expecting a little brother in April & it will be awesome practice for him! Aww! & I am always happy when I can fool a dog! Heehee!


And Sneaky? He loves Nima too! Kid was so shook up after he accidentally rode his pretend shopping cart over Nima’s head, that I had to explain she really just looks real, she’s not ACTUALLY real. He went on and on about how it was an accident, he didn’t mean to! I now feel so bad I’ve rooted heads in front of him. I have to wonder what he’s been thinking this whole time. Scarring them for life?! LOL!

Regardless, this is def the best perk of being a reborn artist! And I can’t wait for next year. I suspect we’ll have another member (or two) joining the family! 😀

& Bean, you ask? She lives in the States with an amazing Momma! ❤


About Shaylen Maxwell

Custom Reborn Artist, Portrait Artist, Writer, Editor, Momma of two (Sneaky & Meekly)
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2 Responses to Meekly’s xmas | A reborn love affair in the making!

  1. Emi Netali says:

    That’s so adorable!

  2. littleg6 says:

    Loved the Blog, and Meekly and Nima are just adorable together! ❤

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