Before & After Collection

Nico by Gudrun Legler | Katie

Bean & Sprout by Laura Lee Eagles | Willow Juniper & Fern Iris

Gemma by Donna Rubert | Gemma

Loveable by Marita Winters | Zoey Bridget

Esmee by Didy Jacobsen | Shaylen

Sarah by Philomena Donnelly | Piper Jade

Lovelyn by Ping Lau | Lilly May

Coco-Malu by Elisa Marx | Levi George

“Adrian” by Ulrike Gall | Daren Rider *custom* combi boy

“Ivy” by Elisa Marx | Avary Rose *custom* rooted girl.

“Shyann” by Aleina Peterson | Ella Rose *custom* combi girl.

“Cozy” by Linda K Smith | Lola Clementine OOAK combi girl.

“Fei Yen” by Cindy Musgrove | Asia D *custom* bald girl.

“Jordi” by Elisa Marx | Tinley Alexis OOAK painted hair girl.

“Nico” by Gudrun Legler | Gavin James OOAK painted hair boy.

“Sera” by Marissa May | Bailey Christine *custom* painted hair girl.

Violet by Marissa May | Lyrik Syris

Rosebud by Cindy Musgrove | Amelia Hope

Zachy by Marita Winters | Summer Rose

Zachy by Marita Winters | Gregory

Adrian by Ulrike Gail | Tyler Scott

“Blaze” by Donna Rubert | Theodore Noah OOAK rooted boy.

“Benji” by Marita Winters | Eli Maddox *custom* painted hair boy.

“Candy” by Donna Rubert | Stella Reese OOAK combi girl.

“Amber” by Pat Moulton | Reagan Adalee *custom* combi girl.

“Beth” by Cathy Rowland | *custom* bald girl

“Sam” by Marissa May | Carson Elijah OOAK rooted boy

“Meg” by Marissa May | Penelope Bella OOAK painted hair girl

“Sofie” by Denise Pratt | Alice Pearl OOAK painted hair girl

“Kameko” by Tasha Edenholm | Tyson Maddox OOAK rooted boy

“Leah” by Sandra White | Harper Joy OOAK bald girl

“Sam” by Marissa May (version 2) | Jonah Joshua OOAK painted hair boy

About Shaylen Maxwell

Custom Reborn Artist, Writer, Editor, Puzzle Maker, and Momma of two (Sneaky & Meekly)
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