The unconscious reborner, pt 2

So remember when I blogged about weird reborn dreams. Yeah? Well, I’ve had another. Two actually. And I’ve deemed now that not only is reborning an unusual art form, but it leads reborners to have very unusual dreams too (0r maybe it’s just me).

This one was awesome! I got free mohair! A TON OF IT! But here’s the thing, it was rooted into my scalp. Uh, yup! So I am bald, and then a few hours later I have this incredible, waist length, dark brown mohair on my head. And I’m all “OMG this is amazing! I’m going to cut it off my head immediately and use it to root babies!” As though this happening was on par with winning the reborn lottery.

The weight of the hair was something else. So heavy. And as I was walking to get my scissors, I kept thinking what if it started to pull out of my head. My scalp wasn’t used to such heavy hair. I have really fine hair, enough to root, I dunno, 4 doll heads. And this stuff was so thick. I mean, seriously, the amount of hair cut off me, would be enough to root like 25 or something. So I was seriously freaked out. And then I thought to myself. Wait, how did this hair get rooted into me to start with. Didn’t that hurt? How did my skull plate actually allow the hair to be poked through my skin?

See? Fricken bizarre!

The second dream was much more tame. I was wandering around a mall stumbling upon unknown baby clothing stores – treasure troves full of amazing finds! And then being unable to find the store again on a second walk through.

I’m now convinced one of the largest suckers of my time (& something I’ve grown to love & be quite obsessive about) is shopping for the reborns! LOL! I spend a large portion of my week hunting for outfits, online, in retail outlets, thinking about outfits, matching pacifiers, hats, blankets. I’m constantly hoping to discover a new shop to buy from. In my hunt for perfect outfits outside of the usual staples of Carters & JoeFresh (my crack!)

My newest conscious find is Oh and gymboree (which I never shopped at before). Always a plus when they deliver free and have stuff on clearance! πŸ˜‰

About Shaylen Maxwell

Custom Reborn Artist, Writer, Editor, Puzzle Maker, and Momma of two (Sneaky & Meekly)
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