Artful Friday | WIP Pics from the Week


My Custom order Gemma & Cozy siblings (going to identical twins for Xmas) went home this week! I’ll miss their perfectly microrooted heads. Did I mention I’m in loooove with Slumberland mohair? Well, I am.


My custom order Leah is now ready for hair. And practicing her couture poses.


OOAK baby Patrik got his mottle on & hair started. He’s def a boy, and likely a Preston, or Zane, or Brock or Jaxon. Votes & name suggestions welcome! (Yes, I adore him!)


Baby Stella (my Bountiful baby contest entry) got a new onesie and hair bow. She’s ready to head home this week! Eep! Can’t wait for her Momma to FINALLY get her.


Custom order Julietta got her hair too! Some more painting left to do, but she’s nearly there and I adore her too! Blick babies are amazing!


And Lola finally started getting her hair! My shoulder is feeling heaps better. That and I do smaller sections daily & immediately ice afterward. I’m directionally rooting her entire head, and even though it feels ambitious, it’s turning out so so well. I cannot wait to give her a proper cut and send her home too!

Happy weekend, world!

About Shaylen Maxwell

Custom Reborn Artist, Writer, Editor, Puzzle Maker, and Momma of two (Sneaky & Meekly)
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