My first CUSTOM | Commission Reborn Baby Doll

I’ve started on my first custom (& likely have a second in the making) this week! Shyann, by Aleina Peterson. I guess she really is the most popular sculpt for a reason! ; )

Thing is, I didn’t expect to love the sculpt just as much as I do. I LOOOOOVE her. She has the best face. Her vinyl is super nice (maybe I just lucked out! I hear some Cozy’s aren’t grey like mine turned out to be) & I just love her features. She was sooooo cute as I started reborning, that that whole if you give a mouse a cookie analogy took me over once more. Once I fleshed, I got all the way through creasing before I took a break! (Because I had to see her adorable eyes in!)

Today, I finished her up, enough to start on her hair. Her momma has chosen the combi look. With darling brown locks. And a few custom freckles – from each of her daughters! Love it!

Here’s some pics!

Ella Rose in progress.

Love her veining!

Isn’t she adorable?! OMG!

And the best part, her custom birthmarks! (Taken from each of her daughter’s)SONY DSC3

Hair line. &  Forehead and nose!

And lastly, arm!


And I adore the new technique I’ve started using for lips! They turned out beautifully and will look just gorgeous glossed.

She has brows already too, and I’m starting on her painted hair now. (My fave part! *cough*) XD

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Custom Reborn Artist, Writer, Editor, Puzzle Maker, and Momma of two (Sneaky & Meekly)
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  1. She’s really cute! Yes, Shyann is a super popular sculpt, my wonderful Mother-In-Law has done two custom Shyann’s and sold two more on eBay in the past. She has a very content, sweet look about her. I actually love all of Aleina Peterson’s sculpts, I just sold her Riley sculpt as an Asian baby and she was just so sweet. You did a wonderful job on her, her new mommy will be so happy I bet!

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