Weigh in Wednesday | Name the Reborn & to root or not to root

Okay, fellow reborns, collectors, and blogosphere, in addition to naming this little girl (sound off, all name suggestions welcome! We so far have a Harper)

I’m in a quandry about what to do about my “Blaze” kit in progress.

Funny story about him. Having now amassed five completed babies for sale, and three existing ebay auctions in progress, two photoshoots left to finish up later this week, I figured it was about time to clean up my work station, and take a mini break. I have Jordi, Blaze, and Drew lying around, and Violet and Shyann on their way to me (long story) so I figured now was a good time to just enjoy the babies as they are, before they head home to their forever homes.

But one thing led to another, and soon I was fleshing him.

But swear, I intended to JUST flesh. JUST.

I’d even moved the paints to the bottom shelf, and organized them in groups, for that purpose. Also, I have added a LOT of paints to my repertoire, and I still need about 7 more. Or maybe 8. *cough* addict! *cough*

Blaze and Leah in for a bake.

But see, it’s like when you give a mouse a cookie. . . this reborning thing. I was just like well, if he’s fleshed, he obv needs some veins.

Exhibit B.

And obv if he’s veined, I can use some of that blue for undertones. And we all know undertones need creasing, which needs blushing, which needs mottling. And before you realize it, that damned hungry mouse has. . . (too much with the metaphors?) that Shaylen has gone and done this:

(and of course put in the eyes, because a completed baby face needs eyes to go with it!)

And then I was all, well, I intend to root this boy, so what’s the harm in painting some of the wispy baby hairs. . . But we all know (by now at least) that I’m a painted hair addict!!! And I give you. . . quasi painted hair Blaze!

This was supposed to be framing the face. I JUST CANNOT STOP!

Hair line = LOOOOOVE!

I am painted hair obsessed! πŸ˜€

This is a mixture of mostly mars black, with the tiniest bit of brow brown (which I prefer to burnt umber) oh with some blue added too, to get a really ash looking colour. And I finally have the exact thickness of the paint down. Think thick syrup. I will either add some slightly more brown tones to it and root dark brown mohair, or make him combi. The problem is I just cannot decide! I’m probably not going to keep him completely painted, as I’ve more than done that enough already and want to broaden my reborning portfolio. I also think he looks really good with hair. Some kits don’t. But his. Yup. So it’s probably between combi and full head. BUT WHAT SHOULD I DO?

No, really, blogosphere, what would you do?! If I root, it’ll be very micro rooted around where the painted hairs are, so it blends really well. With thicker hairs for the rest of the head. But if I combi, it’ll look more like a mohawk (I’m leaning mohawk with my thicker rooted too).

What would you do? HELP!
Full head?
No way, keep painting that hair?

Weigh in!

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