Reborn Love Affairs!

This post is dedicated to my favourite part of reborning! My painted hair love affair!

I’ve gone on about this – quite a lot! In fact, it’s pretty much all I’ve officially blogged about so far. But I loooove painting hair! I think it’s become my FAVOURITE part of reborning. I could sit and paint strands all day long. (And I have. . . *cough* *cough*)

“Sofie” in progress.

As mentioned, there was a learning curve. I’ve slowly found the precise consistency of the paint for a perfect head. It’s syrupy. Thick syrupy, with a really dry brush. And this liner, it’s my fave. So much so, I bought a few! 😉 I don’t use a comb brush. I probably should, for my thicker heads. But I love the meditative quality of painting those strands. I freakin’ loooooooooooove it. Even when it’s not going well, I find it incredibly therapeutic! And I’m still not even close to emulating some of my favourite painted hair reborn artists. But I swear I’m getting there. One painted strand at a time!

Pic spam!


IMG_9547 IMG_9399 IMG_9474 IMG_9296 7874_171334976374636_1853340441_n

It’s been an equal learning curve getting my colours right too. I love the black, or burnt umber, but I’ve also loved playing around with a mix of brow blond and flesh for the blond peach fuzz painted look (as seen on Cozy & Sofie).

What’s your favourite part of reborning?

My close second is creases and the undertones and mottling. Okay, I think I love all aspects of the painting! LOL!

What’s your least favourite part?

Gluing the magnets! OMG. So infuriating!

And rooting! Fearing a broken needle makes my stomach hurt (literally). It’s still a little too stressful for me!

& I totally love painting hair SO much, that — if I get decently good at it — I’ll start offering my painted hair services for other reborners. (Perhaps in a trade with other artists who loooove rooting!) I could paint hair only with great joy!

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Custom Reborn Artist, Writer, Editor, Puzzle Maker, and Momma of two (Sneaky & Meekly)
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1 Response to Reborn Love Affairs!

  1. Your painted hair is beautiful, and you are so right in there being a learning curve with colors. Also I have found that I get better with each painted hair baby that I do. I did a mini tutorial on my blog ( where I used a calligraphy pen and nib, which works very well for some who don’t have a super steady hand. I love using my red #20 liner for super fine detail work. My favorite part of reborning is the development of personality through the different layers and experimenting with different techniques to get certain features that appeal to me. My least favorite part is starting the rooting process, not necessarily rooting itself, which doesn’t actually bother me. I get a little nervous deciding on which direction and look the hair should go. I must say, you are a very good artist and your babies are very pretty!

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