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It’s that time again! BEFORE AND AFTER PICS!

I wrapped “Cozy” and “Sam” II on nearly the same day, so I decided to do their photoshoots together. I even got it down to a science, because I didn’t have the usual three hours to invest in taking pics of just one baby. I squeezed both of them into an hour’s time (thanks to Beldoe for keeping the kiddos entertained during it). I even got a new header out of it. It’s up everywhere now, FB, Twitter, here. And I LOVE it. Penelope “Meg” is still awaiting being sent to her forever home, so it was a good time to get a group shot! ❀

But enough of that. Here are the before & afters!


Meet Jonah Joshua (thanks everyone who played Name the Reborn again!)
Sam sculpt by Marissa May

And Cozy, by Linda K Smithreborncozy

Can I just say, I loooooove this baby girl! I love her so much, that if I didn’t really really really need to sell her to pay our bills, I’d keep her in a hot second. She’s perfection! And not just because she was my favourite kit. But that hair! It’s my first attempt at combi and I’m sold completely! She has baby fine painted hair, and a rooted crown in palest blond. It’s exquisite! I can’t wait to get her listing up on ebay (& reveal her name). That’s all going down on Monday, however.

So in the interim, here’s Jonas’ intro! And he’s on ebay already! If you’ve got an account there, please add him to your watch list to root him on (& help him find his forever home!) Super excited about this boy. And I know I ended up accidentally doing his kit again, but I bet this isn’t the last I’ll see of Sam. I love that boy’s face!jonah1

And now for a preview from “Cozy”‘s shoot. Check out this hair. Swooooooooooon! (Also won’t be the last time I do combi!)

And speaking of making more reborns (with combi hair), up next on my to-do:
– officially finish rooting “Kameko”. His name is still undecided, so if you want to name him, get over here & leave your name choice!
– start “Leah” by Sandra White (swoonx2) Already decided she’s a she, and have the CUTEST outfit picked out for her, perfect for those full length arms!
– unwrap “Drew” he’s coming in the mail too! Woot!

. . . AND
the most exciting news of all. . .

I’m getting a Blaze next week! He’s set to arrive by Tuesday, likely! OMG! He was on my dream list, but was never in stock (until now).
I’m also getting a Jordi, by Elisa Marx. I found a local retailer, shipping is soooo cheap. I just had to order her too! I am sooooo excited about my first not-BB kit. Yes, it’s pricier, but I’ve proven to myself this is something I’m going to be doing for some time to come (hopefully a LONG time to come). And I’m ready for a pricier kit. I’m confident I won’t totally wreck it out of the box. So, soooooo exciting. Just check out this face, yo? Beautiful, right?

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