Name the Reborn – Ultimate Edition | Reborn Dolls for Sale

Yesterday was soooo exciting. Ebay auction on Meg/Penny came to a close and I’ll be packing her up soon to send her home to her forever Momma.

And three of my new babies are ready to be named. Two are nearly ready (minus magnets) and the third is almost fully rooted and thus ready to be named. I loosely assembled him for a photo opportunity I’m putting together tomorrow.

So. . . it’s that time again! I give you The ULTIMATE Name the Reborn Game! 3 babies, in need of 6 names. First and Middle (if you can think of one). Rules are simple. It has to be a legit name (nothing too eccentric like Window or something!) & nothing kre8tvely spelled. If it’s a name with multiple spellings, that’s quite alright. I’ll be using it in my listing, eventually. Winner gets. . . uh, recognition, for the time being. And knowing they named a fake baby! I know, I know, you def want to play along now, don’t you? ;D

Kameko, by Tasha Edenholm. Boy name, please! πŸ˜€

Cozy, by Linda K. Smith. Girl name, please! πŸ˜€

Sam II, by Marissa May. Boy name for him too! πŸ˜€

Let the game commence. Winners will be revealed when the official photoshoots go up!

About Shaylen Maxwell

Custom Reborn Artist, Writer, Editor, Puzzle Maker, and Momma of two (Sneaky & Meekly)
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