Update on Aubrey by Denise Pratt | reborning behind the scenes

So I’m FINALLY rooting “Aubrey” by Denise Pratt. & made significant headway mottling “Kameko”. Still haven’t started on “Cozy” but suffice it to say I’m leaving the best for last! Here’s some behind the scenes on “Aubrey”. . .


What’s creepier than baking baby heads in ovens, you ask? Baking eyeless baby heads, of course! IMG_8857

My work station is looking really well used lately (ahem, horribly in need of a tidying). I remain astounded how quickly I developed my own styles. What I’ve adapted and modified and how much more I prefer to mix my own paints EVERY time I do another step. & how many times I’ve altered the process. If I’ve changed things up THIS much with only 3 nearly finished reborns, I shudder to imagine how different things will be in the near future.

But I def love the process. I love the mastery and craft behind it. And working in the physical mediums again truly feels like coming home. (And it really isn’t that dissimilar from my custom digital portraits – except less margin for error here! A challenge I quite embrace!)


And she’s done. Sealed. And ready for her second eye. “Argh, matey! I’m a pirate reborn!” I love her colouring. She ended up with just barely chapped cheeks. No milia this time. And a beautiful nose bridge. I can’t wait to take a few pics of her face in natural light too!

As mentioned on my twitter, I didn’t love her lips. But I love the finished product. They’ll look amazing post glossing!

I did, however, LOOOOOOVE her hands. And I love them even more painted!!!


I was able to work in so many layers of beautiful color on these babies. Can’t wait to take proper pics of these beauties.

And the rooting? Well, besides my finer gauge rooting needles still not having arrived, I’m spending more time plucking out extra hairs than I seem to be rooting. And I’m also playing around with improving my swirl. I was decently pleased with Carson’s finished head (for a first try). Also given how terrified of rooting I was. But already, things are going SOOOOO much better with “Aubrey”. I even gave her rooted brows. It’s likely hard to tell, in the pics, but they’re there. Another terrorizing skill I’m tackling.IMG_9534 IMG_9544 IMG_9545 IMG_9549

Rooting is still my Everest!

Once she has hair throughout the front of her face, I’ll get theΒ “Name the Reborn” Game started. I promise she’ll have both eyes for those pics too! Haha. XD

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