Song Sunday

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Reborn Baby Girl for Sale – Sold out Esme by Laura Lee Eagles, Reborn, Sweet original

Trying this ebay thing once again, because I actually sold my last baby Eagles on ebay(!!!!!) Ebay and I have a love hate relationship. LOL.

So introducing: Quinlynn’s baby sister Esme, now Summer Rose, on ebay for a limited time.

Click & ‘Watch’ her auction to root her on!

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Angelina by Romie Strydom

Zinny by Marita Winters

Tayla by Denise Pratt

Sawyer (II) by Emily Jameson

Lexi by Sandra White

Jill by Adrie Stoete

Franklin by Elisa Marx

& best for last, my first Esme by Laura Lee Eagles.

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Inspiration Thursday

I loooooove FB.  Not FB.  But everything FB has brought to the reborning world, specifically the window into other artists’ studios and processes.  I found this of one of my idol reborners, Jacqueline Kramer (incredible artist with one of the most realistic mottles I’ve ever seen). So when I saw this pic, I just knew I had to post.

Her mottle process.

I love being able to deduce paints. I actually have all these on hand. And the three mottle shades are the ones I use on my babies. BUT the flesh foundation tones (which I have) I would have NEVER thought to mottle on, which is what I presume she does with that third mottle sponge (and the mottle sponges, brilliant. Mine are so small! LOL!) I cannot wait to try this on my babies!!

Have I mentioned how much I love the innovation and unique techniques in this industry. I love that this artform is still so new, that evolution happens through sheer trial and error.

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Testimonial Tuesday | Box Opening

Baby Jill by Adrie Stoete (now Melia) made it home last week! Received this beautiful box opening. Love your videos so much, Cass. Thanks so much for filming!!! Miss this baby girl already but she has the best Momma! ;)

& a picture too! :D

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Combi Hair for Hire

My sweet friend Donna, of Donna’s Dollies, asked me to combi her adorable Liam by Joanna Kasmierczak. It was a great honour. Baby boy is now living with his new Mommy. Love him! And love these pics so soooo much!


10419626_10152161590982045_7424436042590741759_n 10402570_306098592899387_2622200790522247296_n



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My favourite reborn pictures – EVER!

I have amassed a colossal inventory of fave pics of real babies & reborn babies and have decided to share some of my absolute faves. These are, hands down, the best reborn babies I’ve ever seen (and on some of my fave sculpts too). So sooooo real. In awe!

This Milaine!

And this baby Gus… I cannot get enough of his painted hair. & The hair on this Quinlynn – I WISH I could root this!
8862dab605367b70b4cf5d47ca486713 10257727_10204024551000961_7956973789973343850_o

Or this… on Ivy Marx. WOAH!

But really, my very, very, VERY favourite hair inspiration. I want to do this, with combi. SO BAD. It is incredible!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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New in my Shop!

Finally updated my web shop  & am happy to announce ALL of these new babies, available to be customized however you choose. Hair type & colour, eye colour (when applicable) skin tone, blushing, mottling, birth marks, milia, optional belly plates & anatomical torsos.

Most excited about being able to still offer the latter three as customs (all Eagles sculpts that sold out within minutes)!! Yes, I got Knox too. Now *fingers crossed* I snag a Miracle too, because she’s my favourite of them all! (I actually ordered an extra Knox and Esme just to use as a trade if I happened to miss out on Miracle! LOL!!)

My first OOAK Esme will be born in the next few days, just finishing up her mottle. Until then, there is another premade baby available now too. Little Jasper Reid! (Tayla by Denise Pratt). He’s the cutest preemie. Click him to see more pics. :)

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Introducing Jasper Reid | Reborn Baby Boy *sold*

Jasper Reid is the Tayla sculpt by the talented Denise Pratt! He has been meticulously painted using Genesis Heat Set paints – custom mixed for a completely unique skin tone, complete with blue and yellow undertones, and over five layers of mottling for ultra realism. His capillaries and blushing is blended well with tiny milia on his button nose. Tayla has premium lauscha german glass eyes in newborn blue and set to give him the most realistic newborn expression.

His skin has been sealed with matte varnish to keep him shine free permanently and dewy skin finish was used to create realistic, still soft to the touch, newborn skin texture. Shine was added to the corners of his eyes, lips and nostrils. Baby Jasper’s hair was micro painted one follicle at a time using two tones for dimension and textured to feel like real hair using thick medium & look alive premium thinner that adds gloss to each strand – the effect being an ultra realistic head of painted hair that will always look and feel perfect!

Jasper’s body is doe suede. He has three quarter limbs and his body is weighted in all the right places to give her an authentic newborn feel (perfect for cuddles). Limbs have been filled with glass beads and polyfil, with glass beads in a sealed sac in his torso and head (so nothing will leak). No sand is in his body so she can travel worldwide!

Jasper comes with a birth certificate (customized! You can change his name to whatever you like & pick his birth details). He’s not anatomical so he could go home as a baby girl too – happy to swap his layette for something girly! ;)


from this…. to this


Jasper goes home with the cutest layette!! Everything pictured with him, goes home with him. Everything is brand new and was chosen to compliment his beautiful colouring – blues, blacks, and grey. He wears sized preemie and some newborn baby clothing.

Included with Jasper:

Navy striped hoodie sweatshirt, Etsy.
Navy cotton pants, Etsy.
Striped black & white onesie, by Jack & Janey
Blue dinosaur sleeper, by Jack & Janey
Blue star Nuk pacifier (magnetized)
Preemie knit hat & matching booties, in baby blue, by Granny Knits, Etsy.
White hospital receiving blanket.

He also goes home with a birth certificate and five disposable diapers.

To view more of her pictures & information, you can check out his FULL ALBUM!

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Fun Friday

‘Well, you can’t. It’s not even the same kit.’


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